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MISSION STATEMENT The mission of New Yorkers for Clean Water, Inc., a non-profit, grassroots organization, is to protect our most precious natural resource, our water. We do not accept corporate contributions. We are funded solely by individuals who understand the importance of clean water. It is an important part our mission to educate the public of the dangers to one of the purest water systems in the nation. We also encourage people to participate in the protection and conservation of New York States water. For up-to-date information, please visit New Yorkers Against Fracking The New York City watershed supplies clean fresh drinking water to nine million people in New York City and Putnam, Orange, Westchester and Ulster Counties. Because of the high quality of our water, the New York City water system has been exempted by the federal government from filtration. New York State is considering allowing the use of hydraulic fracturing drilling for methane gas in shale formations in upstate New York, including in areas close to or in our watershed. Hydraulic fracturing has resulted in the contamination of water supplies throughout the country as well as destruction of the environment. The chemicals used in the fracking process include known carcinogens. Building and running a filtration system will increase our taxes and water bills and may not remove the fracking chemicals. Unacceptable levels of radon present shale formations will also reach our homes. Upstate New York is an agricultural, rural environment and will become an industrialized area if hydraulic fracturing for methane gas is permitted. This will impact not only our water, but also our produce and milk. Once a water supply is contaminated it cannot be reversed.

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